Our Story

Mulder’s Vending is a locally owned and operated family business established in 1980. As West Michigan’s premier vending service, we serve the greater Grand Rapids area, as well as Holland, Muskegon, Newaygo, Lowell, Wayland, and all points in between.


Our goal is 100% satisfaction from Day One.


We pride ourselves on continually providing personal, customized and dependable service. Our dedicated and friendly staff of professionals deliver the best in product variety and knowledgeable service.

  • We offer the highest quality brands and technologies.
  • We install our machines - or the Always Convenient micro market when you are ready for it - based on your needs
  • Our entire team is local, not farmed out to a call center or third-party repair service
  • We maintain and repair all our machines
  • We provide 24/7 service so you are always covered. Our machine and micro market filling schedule is customized to your needs, anywhere from once a month to everyday. 
  • You can always reach us, we’re local.

Let us provide your vending services for snacks, cold beverages, bottled water, juices, coffee, cold food, frozen food, and office coffee services.  Give us a call us today at 616-245-3470.

Our Environment


We love West Michigan, and are doing our part to be good stewards of the environment.  As technology and product choices progress in environmentally friendly ways, we strive to increase energy efficiency and recycle-ability while decreasing emissions and waste.


A few of the ways we do this include:

  • Integrating Energy Star Certified equipment to increase energy efficiency, lower costs and decrease harm to the environment.
  • LED Lighting Systems – Not only are LED systems more attractive, they are also a more ecological and economical alternative to traditional vending machine lighting.
  • Recycling Services – We offer recycling for all beverage containers.  We also recycle all of our corrugated boxes at the warehouse level.
  • Water coolers featuring filtration systems instead of traditional water coolers.  This technology not only eliminates the hassle of large plastic water jugs, these systems can also cut down on service vehicle emissions.
  • On-Demand Liquid Coffee Concentrate Brewers – By using liquid coffee concentrate in single-cup brewers, coffee ground waste and wasted coffee are a thing of the past.  The concentrate manufacturer we have partnered with re-uses their used coffee grounds as agricultural compost.
  • Single Cup Coffee – Our single cup coffee pods feature biodegradable packaging.
Smart Choices Logo

We promote Smart Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle


We understand how important it is to eat healthy, that’s why we have adopted the Smart Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle program.  Developed by registered dietitians from right here in West Michigan, Smart Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle makes it easy to choose heart healthy options just by looking for the logo.  *See below for guidelines.


Additionally, we offer The MIND Nutritional Information Touch Screen.  This easy-to-use touch screen can be installed on most vending machines, and gives customers the ability to review nutrition labels before purchase.


We also offer Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Kosher products.

*Guidelines for heart healthy eating from vending machines:


Choose snacks that:

  • Do not have sugar as the first or second ingredient.
  • Have 35% or less of total calories from fat, unless the product contains primarily nuts (these may contain a higher percentage of fat).
  • Have 2 grams of saturated fat, or less, per serving.


Choose entrees that:

  • Do not exceed 400 calories.
  • Have 4 grams of saturated fat, or less.
  • Have 35%, or less, calories from fat.

In vending machines at participating locations, foods that meet the above criteria will be identified with the Smart Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle logo.

Learn more! Call us today at 616-245-3470.